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Ever After High ~ Theme Song | Lyrics смотреть Aver Avter High ever after high песня на русском

6-07-2013, 21:09. Разместил: admin
смотреть Aver Avter High The Ever After High Theme Song Lyrics. This is just the actual theme they play before the episode, not the whole preview. HD is Enchanting. ~*~L I N K SEver After High Channel: World of Ever After HIgh: Raven's Tale: The Story of a Rebel: Apple's Tale: The Story of a Royal: Please Watch, Support, and Subscribe to help support the world and creators of Ever After High. ~*~L Y R I C SThey told you everything was waiting for you,They told you everything was set in stone,It's an open book,A road in reverse,A brand new hook,Forget that curse!Rewrite, ignite, restart!Cause it's your life,Or rewind!Cause you're a Royal,You're a Rebel,You're more than one together,However you go Ever in Ever After High,~*~C O M M E N T SSo I have recently become slightly obsessed with Mattel's new show Ever After High! At first I thought it was someones rip off of Monster High - which would be lame, but it is actually the same people and is a SPIN OFF. So then it was okay. X}Some of the fairytales they didn't do a stupendous job with, but its fine. I think they can save themselves. Then Realizing what SHOULD happen & Shipping iced the cake and I was hooked. Soooo.....I had to make a lyrics video, when I started there weren't any up yet, but because of, um, ... things I wasn't first. Still I uploaded mine. I tried to make it easy to read & put it on top of the very lovely intro. So pretty *_*Plus this song is really catchy and kind of pretty with good lyrics. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS - I can probably answer them! :)~*~I N F O // D I S C L A I M E RSong: Ever After High Theme SongClip: Ever After High IntroDisclaimer: Most (if not all) is the property of Mattel. I am not trying to steal and this it is not for profit. It is a fun, fanmade project. All rights go to respective owners.

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